A combination of scientific innovations specific to water distribution pipe systems

Proven to significantly improve the operating efficiency and working conditions of pipe-laying teams at work sites, the award-winning BLUTOP range is ideal for use within drinking water distribution networks in urban, semi-urban and rural areas.
It has been designed to facilitate the extension or renewal of existing networks and, advantageously, is dimensionally compatible with existing plastic pipe (Polyethylene/PE and Polyvinyl Chloride/PVC) networks and their related connection and maintenance accessories.

Available with diameters of between 75 and 160 mm, the ductile cast iron pipes and fittings of the BLUTOP range are expected to last more than 100 years, due to their high mechanical strength, protection against soil and water aggression, guaranteed leak tightness, and flexible junctions.


Innovation: manufactured in Europe, the BLUTOP range benefits from the latest technical advances made by Saint­Gobain PAM, resulting in a lighter pipe that can be transported to hard-to-reach locations, carried on site by hand and inserted using a crowbar. The highly flexible joint facilitates pipe laying on uneven ground, in narrow trenches and confined spaces.
Cost and time savings: the significant angular deviation (up to 6°) at joints necessitates fewer fittings and reduces the cost of works, while the easily-cleaned socket, easily-fitted pre-lubricated joint, thinner iron wall and hole-cutting tools reduce cutting times. 
Durability: the Ductan internal lining, which is inert in contact with drinking water, helps reduce head losses and, in turn, pumping costs. Also researched and designed by Saint-Gobain PAM, the BioZinalium protective exterior coating is designed to be very durable in underground conditions and has minimal environmental impact.
Compliance: the BLUTOP range is accredited with a certificate of sanitary conformity for drinking water in accordance with all major European regulatory requirements