ROTAN CD

Internal gear pump designed to handle corrosive liquids

ROTAN CD - Chemical Duty. Internal gear pumps in stainless steel, designed to handle corrosive liquids.

CD pumps are designed for handling corrosive liquids, primarily found in the chemical processing, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Available with 90° angular configuration.

Capacity Range: Up to 170 m3/h / 750 gpm
Speed: Up to 1750 rpm
Differential Pressure: Up to 16 bar / 250 psi
Suction Lift: Up to 0.5 bar  / 15" Hg vacuum while priming
Up to 0.8 bar  / 24" Hg vacuum while pumping
Viscosity Range: Up to 250,000 cSt
Temperature: Up to 250°C / 500° F