Telecom Covers



T-MAX i D400

The T­-MAX i D400 access cover on a ductile iron frame is based on an innovative design and features several high performance technical characteristics.

Durability: due to the rigidity of the frame and silence under traffic.
Adaptability: to changing needs as time goes on.
Ease of installation and intervention: with security system supports and/or opening assisted by jacks, which can be adapted in situ, requiring no programming or complicated tools, and assisted opening.
Integrated articulation: allows opening by one technician, but also traditional lifting by two technicians.
Stability: unlocking at 90° by simple lateral movement to the end of the telecom cover.
Maintenance: integrated ball and socket joints to avoid the clogging that occurs in ordinary access covers.

 T-MAX i C250
Saint-Gobain PAM's Class C250 access covers are primarily used to cover telecom networks, but also for road signs, lighting, and other uses. They are modular, allowing for large openings that make intervention on underground equipment an easy task. This innovative range provides economical solutions that meets today's requirements.


Adaptability: T-MAX i C250 access covers can be adapted in situ with no special programming required.
Durability: thanks to limited deformation because the soundproofing pads are fitted into the gripping casings in the factory.
Cover optimization: because the covers are interchangeable with those of the previous generation.
Innovation: the access cover kit components have cast iron hinges, steel locking bars, steel security pins and the jack's bearing pressure pallet.

Optimized T-MAX C250 or B125

With reduced profile steel angle frames of 50 x 30 mm, optimized C250 or B125 T-MAX access covers have cast ironsupport lugs and light lids equipped with soundproofing pads. These access covers are the most economical solution for accessing chambers.